Clark Higher Ed’s team of enrollment strategists, researchers, writers, and designers has partnered with higher education institutions for over 20 years. Each year, we strive to provide exemplary service and continuous improvement to better serve our clients in the dynamic landscape of higher education. With over 156 combined years practice in enrollment management, our mission is to help colleges and universities thrive through our implementation of strategic marketing & communications solutions.

Our Mission

We believe in the life-changing power of higher education and are deeply committed to seeing institutions thrive. We help our partner institutions by achieving enrollment & revenue goals through our values of exemplary service, innovative strategies, and continuous improvement. Our mission is to magnify the mission of our partner institutions.


  • 2021
  • Gold Award - Newberry College Viewbook
  • Gold Award - Newberry College Student Recruitment Campaign
  • 2020
  • Gold Award - Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Acceptance Package
  • Gold Award - Catawba College Student Recruitment Campaign
  • Gold Award - Milligan University Student Recruitment Campaign
  • Silver Award - Milligan University Travel Piece
  • 2019
  • Gold Award - Catawba College Acceptance Package
  • 2018
  • Gold Award - Limestone College Search Microsite
  • Bronze Award - Limestone College Viewbook
  • Gold Award - Louisiana College Search Email
  • Gold Award - Mississippi College Undergrad Recruitment Package
  • Silver Award - Mississippi College School of Law Search Microsite
  • Silver Award - Mississippi College School of Law Search Email
  • 2021
  • Silver Award - Newberry College Viewbook
  • Silver Award - Newberry College Travel Piece
  • Bronze Award - Newberry College Total Recruitment Package
  • 2020
  • Gold Award - Milligan University Travel Piece
  • Silver Award - Louisiana College Advertising & Recruitment Package
  • 2018
  • Silver Award - Limestone College Microsite & Email Search Campaign
  • Bronze Award - Mississippi College School of Law Total Recruitment Package
  • 2017
  • Bronze Award - Montreat College Annual Report
  • 2016
  • Silver Award - Christian Brothers University Microsite & Email Search Campaign
  • Bronze Award - Christian Brothers University Travel Piece
  • Bronze Award - Bluefield College Undergraduate Collateral
  • 2015
  • Silver Award - Mississippi College School of Business Search Campaign
  • Bronze Award - Mars Hill University Acceptance Package
  • Bronze Award - Mississippi College Search Piece
  • Bronze Award - Mississippi College Search Collateral
  • 2014
  • Special Judges Award - Toccoa Falls College Dual-Enrollment Viewbook
  • Award of Excellence - Limestone College MBA Program Postcards
  • 2013
  • Best of Category - Mississippi College Cross the Line Postcards
  • 2012
  • Award of Excellence - Mississippi College Self-Mailers
  • Award of Excellence - Limestone College Football Brochure
  • 2011
  • Best of Category - Gardner-Webb University Programs


1984Tom Clark established Clark Communications as a small, family-owned printing business with a mission to become a leader in the dynamic industry of marketing technology.
1992Clark established partnerships with the first two higher education clients – both partnerships still exist today.
2000Clark Communications was named Business of the Year by Asheville Chamber of Commerce. Breaks ground on first major plant expansion.
2001Clark Communications was named Business of the Year by Blue Chip Enterprise for North Carolina.
2008Clark acquired a bulk mailing facility, assuring that the quality control of print collateral could be maintained in-house from conception to delivery.
2012Additional equipment was added to expand digital print, binding, and finishing capabilities, creating greater opportunity and freedom for designers and clients to collaborate on award-winning pieces.
2018Clark began offering digital advertising solutions to higher education clients, further integrating marketing channels into the greatest possible return on investment.
2019Clark Higher Ed formally became a division of Clark Communications.
2020Clark purchased an eco-friendly Komori H-UV printing press which combines the best aspects of sustainability and production while delivering high-quality materials