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Effective and Efficient Enrollment Marketing Strategies that enable colleges to attract, engage and enroll mission-fit students.

Colleges and universities face ever-increasing challenges of limited resources, finding the right (and enough) students, and fortifying their funnel to meet enrollment goals. From Search to integrated comm flows to predictive modeling, CHE offers customized and automated marketing and communications solutions, allowing your enrollment team to focus its time and energy more effectively in personally recruiting your class.

  • Magnifying GlassIdentify define, and clarify your brand
  • Magnifying GlassStructure Marketing Communications
  • Magnifying GlassDevelop Integrated Communication Plans
  • Magnifying GlassTarget Mission Fit Students
  • Magnifying GlassEngage Markets with your Brand Identity
  • Magnifying GlassIncrease Enrollment

We've walked in your shoes.

We know firsthand the pressures you face to attract mission-fit students, grow enrollment, and increase revenue. Our singular mission is to help colleges and universities thrive by achieving their enrollment goals. Our comprehensive expertise, broad portfolio of solutions, and personalized approach set us apart when it comes to enrollment-based solutions.


Exemplary service through valued partnership.

Clark Higher Ed’s researchers, strategists, writers, and designers have partnered with higher education institutions for over 20 years. Each year, we strive for exemplary service and continuous improvement to better serve our clients in the dynamic landscape of higher education.

Combined 156 years of experience within higher education institutions and 120 years on the partner success side.