Clark Higher Ed offers an array of enrollment-based marketing & communication solutions, making your operation simple, streamlined, and successful, from name buy to enrollment. CHE is a one-stop-shop as we deploy innovative strategies to create, implement, measure, and optimize plans that provide you with the greatest possible return on investment for all of your student populations.

Every solution at Clark Higher Ed is supported by research. Whether it’s compiling the latest consumer behavior patterns of Gen Z, conducting on-campus focus groups, or optimizing campaigns through A/B testing, each deliverable is founded on research-based strategy.

Challenges / Solutions Chart

Rooted in data analysis, search campaigns seek to identify target markets based upon historical enrollment data and projected growth opportunities. Clark Higher Ed will develop an original, mobile-optimized, multi-channel (mail, email and digital) targeted campaign aimed at engaging the prospective students and driving them to a personalized landing page to respond with the goal of increasing the inquiry pools and ultimately improving enrollment yield. Messaging and calls to action are segmented for sophomores/juniors, seniors and transfers. This is a critical step in the process of building meaningful relationships with students.

Over the last five years, our search campaigns have averaged a lead yield of 4.33%—over twice the industry average.

Integrated communication strategies exist to complement and supplement your institution’s in-house initiatives as well as increase yield at each funnel position by aligning communication efforts across multiple mediums. These campaigns could include:

  • Inquiry Fulfillment (Students and Parents)
  • Event Support
    • Visit Invitation
    • Open House / Scholarship Event Invitations
    • Orientation Promotion
  • Value / Affordability / Financial Aid
  • Application Push
  • Accepted Student Experience
  • Deposit Push

Digital marketing initiatives can consist of pay per click, lead-generating paid social, and search engine optimization efforts that work in tandem with other traditional and digital channels. The ultimate goal of each initiative is to generate highly qualified leads that matriculate into enrolled students.

Paid Social

Custom Audience

Your search list is matched with available Facebook and Instagram profiles to serve ads directly to prospective leads – increasing search touch points and improving conversions through the use of pre-filled lead forms.

Lookalike Audience

In parallel to your custom audience campaign, lookalike audiences will comprise a completely new list of potential prospect profiles within the social platforms, whose interests and behaviors match those of the search and/or inquiry list.


3-5 priority programs will be promoted through the use of program-specific ad creative and audience targeting with the goal of returning high quality program leads at the lowest possible cost.


To increase touch points and conversions on transfer search, up to 10 historically high-yielding and/or growth market community colleges will be geofenced, with ads served directly to individuals recently on those campuses who also match the demographic profile of an incoming transfer student. Additionally, your growth markets and/or locations with remote recruiters can be geotargeted to generate new leads based on location, interests, and behaviors. List(s) to be provided by school.

Detailed Targeting

Additional geographic, demographic, and behavioral targeting will be deployed through paid social channels as needed with the stated goal to return high quality leads at the lowest possible cost.


Potential prospects will be socially retargeted based on interactions with Facebook, Instagram, and the institution’s website (pending pixel conversion tracking setup).

Search Engine Marketing

Targeted ads will be served to prospective students through bidding on keywords with demonstrated success in the previous year’s campaign as well as ongoing keyword optimizations determined by market research and real time performance. These campaigns will consist of a brand initiative and 3-5 programmatically specific initiatives.

Search Engine Optimization

A comprehensive audit of the institution’s site will inform monthly on-page optimization projects, prioritized to increase organic traffic and conversions. Monthly contacts will be made to secure positive backlinks and increase quality score and ranking.

Inquiries are scored based on a developed predictive model to identify and prioritize those most likely to enroll by the degree to which the student shares the characteristics of the current student body. The predictive modeling will identify how the institution can effectively and deliberately target students and populations in the primary, secondary and tertiary markets.

Authentic communication happens when you understand who you are and where you are going. As a necessary foundation for implementing marketing solutions, we conduct extensive discovery and research that inform messaging, design, and strategy development - helping you reach the right students at the right time.

We give voice to your institution's brand by creating original messaging and striking design across a wide range of digital and print mediums. Our campaigns are tested and measured to achieve action-driven responses throughout the enrollment funnel.

In today’s digital age, printing remains a relevant component of higher education marketing and communications. We are a fully operational printing and mailing solutions provider, and our eco-friendly Komori H-UV printing press combines the best aspects of sustainability and production while delivering high-quality materials. Clark Higher Ed manages quality control from inception to delivery.

We offer the most advanced technologies to date, including digital, offset, and wide-format options. Whether you need a few hundred or a few thousand pieces, we can deliver cost-effective, high-quality materials that are as unique as your company.

  • Viewbooks
  • Travel Brochures and Handouts
  • Inquiry Fulfillment Mailers
  • Visit and Special Event Promotions
  • Value, Affordability & Financial Aid Communications
  • Acceptance Celebration Materials
  • Banners and Signage

Many institutions utilize some type of awarding parameters to guide their financial aid packaging strategies. Our team analyzes data from past packaging cycles and develops an overall awarding philosophy that incorporates merit and need components. Our net revenue models are designed with your enrollment goals and objectives in mind as we seek to be good stewards of your limited resources. We assist institutions as they explore strategic pricing and aid alternatives while keeping the focus on maximizing net revenue.